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Agiasos is located on the slope of Mt. Olympos at an altitude of 475 meters and 27 kilometers from Mytilene. With exceptionally lush vegetation, traditional architecture, and inquisitive residents, Agiasos is a listed artistic and religious settlement with a characteristic dialect and a cultural atmosphere that visitors are sure to find interesting.

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Γιορτή Κάστανου: Η γιορτή της λεσβιακής φθινοπωρινής φύσης

Λένε πως η μεγαλύτερη γιορτή του χρόνου στην Αγιάσο Λέσβου είναι της Παναγιάς, τον Δεκαπενταύγουστο. Κάτι το οποίο [...]

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Who we are

Visit Agiasos AMKE, is a social organization (Urban Non-Profit Company), created to promote the village of Agiasos and its unique culture. Together with the help of our local volunteers in Agiasos we organize countless events all year round with the aim of promoting our beautiful village in Lesvos, education for all ages and the social well-being of our residents

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Sofy C
Sofy C
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A beautiful church with a rich history. The ancient icon of the Virgin and the hand-painted images that cover the walls are remarkable. The location of the church in an authentic and ancient village square take you back in time in a way no other place I have visited can do. Take a moment to have a coffee or cold drink and some traditional sweets at one of the cafes immediately outside of the church court entrance or have a meal at one of the places that surround the agora on the north side of the church
Nisha Chatterjee
Nisha Chatterjee
Los Angeles, California, USA
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The small town of Agiasos - which, even independent of this church, is worth a visit - is known throughout Greece for this church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The icon of Virgin Mary, brought from Jerusalem by an imperial priest in 803, is said to be a miracle working one, and pilgrims used to walk down a path from Mytiliene 26 kms away to pay homage. In August of every year, monks and islanders still do. It's as interesting for the nonreligious among us as it is for the super-devout. Don't miss this sweet church!
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This church is the second church/monastery that you have to visit. It has a miracle ikon of Virgin Mary which is believed that was brought from Jerusalem. That's why it was called Church of Agia Sion. Also the village was called the same and then it turned to Agiasos in years. In short, all the history of the village was arouse from the ikon... Very interesting and is worth to visit....
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Very beautiful church up several cobblestone streets. If you have trouble walking this trip may not be for you. Very hot/humid during Summer months but a definite see if on the Island of Lesvos. I found the town quite charming and very authentic.

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