The Stavri Bridge

Walking up the road from the Church of Holy Mary, you can find the chapel of Taxiarchis and later the traditional cafe “To Stavri” right on the tracks of the road (when turning right) leading to the chestnut forest (area “Kameno Aloni”). This is the picturesque well-known “Stavri” area.

At the junction of the central street with the very old bridge, you can see characteristic hand written posters with sayings in the local dialect (“topolalia”) that adorn every corner of the street in front of the restaurant-café located in its upper corner.

There, under the shades of a perennial plane tree you can rest at the small café drinking refreshing ouzo and delicious local hand-made appetizers or climb down the cobbled path under the bridge of “Patoumeni” going to Asomatos and Karini.

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