Sousamli Bakery  (Central Square)

Sousamli Bakery (Central Square)

Virgin Mary Chruch

Our father, Michalis Sousamlis, was educated as a child in various bakeries in Mytilene. When he had time, he rode his bicycle and sold “Simitia”. He also apprenticed in Agiasos, in all the bakeries. He received his basic education from a man from Asia Minor, Giannakos, who convinced him that he should become a baker. He taught him the bakery art of Asia Minor and especially the seven-leaven doughs that are made in ideal conditions of sterilization and cleanliness without chemical yeast, but from yeast that is still made by hand from chickpeas. Insightful as our father was, he turned them into rusk and so the ascent began. Then he bought the license and the Turkish bakery of Giannakos.


Stratis, the big brother, started growing the types of rusks produced. His main concern was to use wheat flour, chickpeas and anise from the town of Lisvori. We started to produce large quantities, to expand the workshops and to increase the number of shops. At the same time we started experimenting with sweets and especially with the traditional sweets of Agiasos. We can now brag about the Vasilopita ( a New Year’s Day bread or cake), the baklava, the Gemata and all the classic sweets. One of our best products is wheat bread, plain bread with the secret recipe of Giannakos.


After we expanded our laboratories, we got HACCP, standardized our products and distribute them throughout the island. Today, we have three service stations and are preparing new workshops. We employ 10 permanent workers and 5-6 seasonal workers.


Right next to the church of Panagia, a small Turkish oven that we expanded according to our needs while maintaining the traditional principles of baking.

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