The Talking Tiles Project

«The talking tiles» is a unique, autonomous guide where new technologies are intertwined with traditional elements, presenting an interesting autonomous tour of the village of Agiasos.

The aim of this action is the creation and placement of handmade ceramic tiles in historical buildings and points of interest in Agiasos, hand-painted with unique traditional designs inspired by the nature of the Lesvian countryside but also with patterns from loom designs unique in Lesvos, creation of local painters and potters of Agiasos with generations of experience.

At the bottom of the tile we placed QR Codes and through the camera of our mobile or QR Code Scanner application, we scan the tile and we are redirected to the website of in the respective online bilingual guide in Greek and English with audiovisual material for the specific point.

There, apart from the detailed explanation of the POI we can also find mapped routes for the proposed alternative paths to the next tile, thus organizing our tour according to our interests, learning through technology for the historical sites, museums or even businesses around the point of interest, «marrying» the local culture with technology and creating a useful and timeless tool, which with a simple movement of our mobile phone will fill us with knowledge and valid information.

The 26 «Talking Tiles» of Visit Agiasos, scattered in the village of Agiasos since February 2020:

✔️ Helped visitors walk to places they would not otherwise have discovered.
✔️ Managed to shed light on the unique traditional motifs of Agiasos.
✔️ Attracted thousands of travelers and introduced them to a beautiful, historic village.
✔️ Created an interesting and special «treasure» challenge for families.

Map of "The Talking Tiles" routes in Agiasos

This project was completed under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports.

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