Kafentaria is one of the oldest and most characteristic traditional cafés that are preserved in the settlements of Lesvos, samples of the aesthetic and cultural flourishing of the island. It was built by the Church of Holy Mary at 1857 together with the “Hani” (hostel next to the church) and was later renovated at 1879 after it was destroyed by the great fire (“yangin”) which occurred on the night of the 14th to the 15th of August 1877, which burned about 4/5 of the village (including the church of the Virgin Mary built in 1815).

The café in the central point of the market where it is located, was an element of the emerging urban landscape of the settlement. The café was a prominent landmark of the central Market and it was used for commercial, public and private reasons.

The use of the Cafeteria was multiple and closely intertwined with the social and political history of the Agiasos. Its inhabitants drank coffee, ouzo, raki, commented on the events of the day, talked about their farming activities, talked about trading. In addition, popular lectures, political rallies and musical events took place in this area. Until recently there was a small stage inside the Cafeteria intended for bands performing at festivals and celebrations, as well as in daily spontaneous celebrations upon invitation from patrons. There were also festive dances by local clubs, while the Anagnostirio hosted literary music evenings in the 1930s.

Today it functions as a traditional cafe and is the jewel of Agiasos Market Square.

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