Chestnut Forest

If you love nature or a die-hard hiker or fanatic mountain biker, head the chestnut forest near Agiasos, a quaint mountain village hugged by thick chestnut forests perfect for adrenalin junkies.

Admire the soaring chestnut trees, watch out for varied species of birds, roam the landscape along with the Center of Environmental Education which provides great information for eco-tourists. From here, you can easily cycle through Lesvos’ mountain and coastal villages, as a network of roads that spans the island is a perfect route for eco-tourists. As you amble through the forest, stop at the many rivers, tidal pools and ponds that have blessed Lesvos with important ecosystems, you’ll also have the chance to collect chestnuts (in season) and wander through walnut groves and cherry orchards,. Watch for frogs, turtles and a wide variety of snakes.

You can also find many trail paths leading to Olympos but also guided tours from our friends here. On your way to the chestnut forest to miss Sanatorio and Penthili!

If you visit in October, in addition to the stunning route with its view of the Bay of Yera, you’ll be able to sample the most delicious chestnuts you’ve ever tasted and take part at the annual festival of the chestnut in Agiasos were local producers sample their chestnuts and local folk artists create an alluring atmosphere!

The mountain range of the Olympus is in the  European Network of Protected Areas NATURA 2000, as a protected area.

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