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First and foremost we welcome you to the seminar area of our workshop with a quick tour of the site. We will present you with the tools to work with the clay and explain the stages that the clay will be going through, from an amorphous mass into a decorative or useful object!


Then we will move on to the practical part where you will be able to craft the clay with your own hands, use the wheel and make unique creations! After that, we will show you common techniques from Agiasos on how to paint decorations on the ceramics!


The clay item that you will make, can be picked up after consultation with our lab or if you prefer it will be shipped at your desired address given that the clay takes at least 3 days in order to bake in our furnace and then cool down before it is shipped.


Also if you plan to stay for a few days in Agiasos, we offer a more in-depth seminar which will allow you to see the entire process including the baking in our furnaces of your personal creations!


Individuals of all ages can participate in this activity and you don’t need prior knowledge.


Refreshments, all necessary workshop equipment, aprons, clay.


Good mood, your smile and your appetite for creation. Come in with casual clothes and let your imagination guide you… Be sure that you will spend unique moments of relaxation and entertainment.

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