The Sanatorium

If you are feeling adventurous you can follow the trail from Stavri and find picturesque spots to enjoy the nature and get panoramic views of Agiasos.

The building of Sanatorio was erected in 1929 and the site that was chosen for this building is in the pine forest, characteristic of the wider area which provides ample of oxygen. The Sanatorium is located four kilometers from the settlement of Agiasos, on the provincial road to Megalochori, at an altitude of 630 meters. The outbreak of tuberculosis has led to the choice of the site for the institution to operate, since it provided the ideal conditions for care and recovery. Its founder was the Metropolitan of Mytilene Iacovos A’ of Durres.

The building later at 1937 functioned as a hospital and in 1972 the sanatorium was abolished and converted into a sanatorium. The sanatorium was later renovated at 2015.

The purpose of the Center is to provide organized open care to adults 18 and over of both sexes who have intellectual disabilities – motor disabilities and people with severe self-care difficulties.

To learn more about the Sanatorium visit the website of Social Welfare Center of the North Aegean Region


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