The New Hostel of the Church of Virgin Mary

The New Hostel is a large and strange building overlooking the center of the small town of Agiasos. It is completely different from the other buildings of the settlement and the only one in the village that has a large roof instead of a tiled roof.

Given that until then all the construction of the village was done with wooden floors, the decision to use reinforced concrete for the new hostel for the first time could be described as pioneering. It was built by the church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary as a consequence of the great need to accommodate the numerous pilgrims who came to Agiasos, especially during the 15th of August costing a hefty amount for those times (around 1.600.000 drachmas) and it took about 9 years to complete.

The building should have been almost completed in 1934 and functioned immediately as a guesthouse. We can also find an approved decision for the construction of the building’s electrical and plumbing installation. If we consider that the electricity of the country, in general, began after 1960, we find that Agiasos also had a significant lead in this area.

But it seems that the building was not lucky to function as a hostel. Almost immediately after its completion, the Agiasos Police Station was installed on the first floor of the building, where it remains today, and on the second floor the Peace Court was housed, the Agronomy Court and the Agiasos Forestry until these services were abolished in the Municipality of Agiasos.

Until 2009 on the ground floor of the building the Agiasos Women’s Agricultural Cooperative was housed, while the second floor, after the relocation of the Agiasos Town Hall which operated there for several years in a privately owned municipal building, remains vacant.

Today only the Police Station remains.

By the decision of the Ministry of Culture, the building of the New Hostel has been designated a historic preserved monument and a work of art, because it is a remarkable example of eclectic architecture, important for the area of Agiasos and more generally for the history of architecture.

(Translated excerpt from: “Ο Νέος Ξενώνας Της Εκκλησίας Της Παναγίας.”, 16 Dec. 2016,

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