Carnival Museum

The Carnival Museum was built at 1936 and used to house the first electric company of Agiasos which was operational for about 40 years. At 2010 the building was renovated and is now being used as the Folk Art Exhibition – Carnival Museum of Agiasos.

At the entrance of the Museum-Exhibition there is an information board about the history of our village’s electric system. At the special showcases you can find exhibits of our local artisanship (pottery and wood carving). The ceramics are works of students of TEI of Agiasos as until 2007, as it was the only one in our country with the specialty of ceramics and one of the four with the specialty of furniture.

In the main area of the Museum you can find exhibits of carnival relics, which come from the implementation of various promotional and enhancement activities of the Carnival of Agiasos which was a long-term goal of the Agiasos Cultural Carnival Association “O SATYROS”. Some of them are:

  • Enlarged photos of carnival events.
  • Ceramic souvenirs with carnival performances, commissioned by Yiannis A. Hadjigiannis and Dimitris I. Hadjigiannis, who, with their immense artistic temperament and their personal experience of carnival design, created 25 ceramic plates with illustrations of old and new carnival groups.
  • Pack of eight commemorative cards with photos and verses from past carnival events.
  • A a short guide entitled “The Carnival of Agiasos – A Brief Reference to the history of the custom” (by Panagiotis Mich. Kotskoudis and edited by then Vice Mayor of Agiasos Antonis E. Valesis).

These actions have contributed to the further dissemination and promotion of our Carnival custom and have led to more in-depth studies by various researchers and scientists.

The exhibition is complemented by carnival constructions, carnival costumes of past groups, as well as publications and printed material of the Municipality of Agiasos, the ΤΕΔΚ of S. Lesvos, Administrative district of North Aegean and Agiasos Anagnostirio.


(Parts of this text were taken from the speech of Panagiotis Mich. Koutsoudis, creator of the Museum, at the inauguration of his December 28, 2010 event.)

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