Museums of Agiasos

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«The Talking Tiles»

To learn more about each exhibit just scan the QR code on the locally crafted tiles around the museums or let us navigate you to the museum though our descriptions.

To start, simply enter the museum by selecting it bellow!

Folklore Museum of Agiasos

Folklore Museum

Previous Next If you really want to learn about the culture of Agiasos, Anagnostirio also houses the Folklore Museum where you can find the rare

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Carnival Museum of Agiasos

Carnival Museum

Previous Next The Carnival Museum was built at 1936 and used to house the first electric company of Agiasos which was operational for about 40

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Find out more about the project "The Talking Tiles", the smart tiles of Agiasos:

a sign on the side of a building

The Talking Tiles Project

The Talking Tiles Project «The talking tiles» is a unique, autonomous guide where new technologies are intertwined with traditional elements, presenting an interesting autonomous tour

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Treasure hunt "The Talking Tiles" !

Also check these other amazing places of Agiasos !

Agiasos center

Central Market Square

Previous Next The Market Square is located above the Church of Holy Mary. An extremely traditionally picturesque area, with paved and metal pergolas loaded by

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a car that has a sign on the side of the road

Chestnut Forest

Previous Next If you love nature or a die-hard hiker or fanatic mountain biker, head the chestnut forest near Agiasos, a quaint mountain village hugged

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