Kasteli Observation Point

Just outside Agiasos is the picturesque “Kasteli” hill, where you go up an old traditional cobblestone path that moves between the gardens that live on its roots and the pines that climb up to its peak, which is crowned by the remnants of an old medieval fort.

Its Byzantine walls are preserved around the height of the foundation, while Ottoman walls are preserved up to 1m high. Due to its geographical location, the hill is an excellent observatory of the wider area. Therefore, to the east of the Castle (Kastrelli (little castle) – Kasteli) a walled settlement was developed outside the central fortification during the Ottoman period. Kasteli has been declared a “historic monument” by Ministerial Decision 33746/1924/11-4-60 (ΦΕΚ 199/B/11-5-60).

Today, the chapel of the patron Archangel Michael can be found there which was renovated at 1960 by the Anagnostirio and the contribution of the villagers and expatriates of Agiasos because it was deemed unstable.

It is remarkable that at this hill plenty of water comes from the outskirts of Olympus (about 2,400 meters away), that provides the hill with rich green and feeds the large reservoir which is now full of fish.

The panoramic view that extends to the visitor’s eyes is quite unique!

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