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Bellow you will find a list with the most important exciting amazing places to visit​ in your trip

to Agiasos if you want to learn more about its history and natural beauty!

Carnival Museum of Agiasos

Carnival Museum

Previous Next The Carnival Museum was built at 1936 and used to house the first electric company of Agiasos which was operational for about 40

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Folklore Museum of Agiasos

Folklore Museum

Previous Next If you really want to learn about the culture of Agiasos, Anagnostirio also houses the Folklore Museum where you can find the rare

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Zoodochos Pigi

Zoodochos Pigi

Previous Next Where the church of Zoodochos Pigi with its Holy Water is located today, Agathon hid the holy relics and made a hermitage after

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Kafentaria Agiasos


Previous Next Kafentaria is one of the oldest and most characteristic traditional cafés that are preserved in the settlements of Lesvos, samples of the aesthetic

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Agiasos center

Central Market Square

Previous Next The Market Square is located above the Church of Holy Mary. An extremely traditionally picturesque area, with paved and metal pergolas loaded by

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To Stavri Agiasos

The Stavri Bridge

Previous Next Walking up the road from the Church of Holy Mary, you can find the chapel of Taxiarchis and later the traditional cafe “To

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Kampoudi Agiasos


Previous Next The Kaboudi area is located at the upper part of the village. You can reach there through the village by going up the

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Also check these amazing places just outside of Agiasos!​

Sanatorio Agiasos

The Sanatorium

Previous Next If you are feeling adventurous you can follow the trail from Stavri and find picturesque spots to enjoy the nature and get panoramic

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Chestnut forest of Agiasos

Chestnut Forest

Previous Next If you love nature or a die-hard hiker or fanatic mountain biker, head the chestnut forest near Agiasos, a quaint mountain village hugged

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Treasure hunt the "The Talking Tiles" of Agiasos!

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