Saint Elias (The Prophet) Festival

18 July 2019 Agiasos 0 Reviews

With constant and feverish rhythms, the Cavalry Club «The Prophet Elias» of Agiasos is preparing for the fiery weekend which we organize every year at the festival of Prophet Elias.

This year’s schedule of events is as follows:

THURSDAY 18 JULY 2019 – 7.30pm


Evening prayer at the chapel of Prophet Elias in Mount Olympus. In the evening there will be a parade of the horses in the village which will depart in the morning for the chapel of Prophet Elias. All-night feast with live music in Kaboudi.


In the morning there will be a Divine Liturgy in the chapel of Prophet Elias at Olympus and the descent of the horsemen to the village. At 11:00 am escorted by the horsemen the procession of the icon of Prophet Elias will begin on the main roads of the village leading to the church of Agia Triada in Kaboudi.

Distribution of traditional food.

At 11:00 pm in the evening, the event will be end with live music in Kaboudi and the competition will take place with the award ceremony of the most beautiful horses (Categories: Locals – Mixed-Breed – Purebred -Award without a competition) and plenty of gifts will follow.

Mark the date!

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