5th Lesvos Food Festival in Agiasos
"Guidance to the monastic flavors of Agia Sion"

What happens when gastronomy is inspired by religion? When religion is associated with spirituality and tradition?

Aromas, flavors and images emerge through journeys in delicious monastical creations inspired by folklore elements of the village of Agiasos. Unique fresh ingredients, mountain greens, chahles, pies, holy olive oil, delicious recipes overflowing with taste and tradition, The AMKE “Visit Agiasos” invites you to a journey through space and time, through the art of pottery, hiking routes and the sounds of santouri will compose a unique “festival”.
5th Lesvos Food Festival In Agiasos Logo
Lesvos Food Fest is a festival that aims to dynamically promote the gastronomy of Lesvos. It started in 2017 — at the initiative of the Molyvos Tourism Association in collaboration with the Association of Restaurateurs and Related Professionals of Molyvos — and continues successfully and positive reviews.
The goal of Lesvos Food Fest is to promote through dynamic actions the land, the landscape, the people and the unique atmosphere of the island, elements that make up the identity of the Lesvian culinary culture.
Lesbos thanks to its geographical location has always been a culinary crossroad of cultures that have left their traces in the flavors, smells and recipes of the place. The most characteristic culinary symbols of the island are depicted in the festival’s logo (sardine, anise, olive) and they compose a modern pattern, which expresses the holiday mood when we gather around the table.
The 5th Lesvos Food Fest includes events from 16 to 23 July 2023 at Plomari, Mytilini, Gera, Molyvos, Polichnitos, Agiasos, Stipsis, Agia Paraskevi, Sigri and Petra with the support of the festival’s partners, who co-decided the flow and content of the events in each area. Indicative program:
5th Lesvos Food Festival Schedule
The schedule in Agiasos in more detail:
10:00 Children’s traditional halva making workshop
Come at the halva house to discover all the secret ingredients of the original Asia Minor recipe and play while making and decorating little “Halvadoptarelia” (halva pastries)!
18:30 Agiasos Square
Workshops of traditional monastery recipes shall be waiting for us.
19:30 Municipal Park – Visit Agiasos Park
Have you ever tried monastery chips? Have you ever tasted freshly kneaded dough “with a twist” dipped into local handmade essential oils? This is your chance to taste the unique monastery diet differently. Live cooking in the pot in an ultimate monastery setting with many surprises. Mrs Eleni Maloupa, Agriculturalist and Dr. of Biology & Physiology of Plants will offer tasty samples of monastery recipes, while Mrs Elpida Koumarela, our beloved chef will put her own unique touch by using fresh local ingredients in recipes you surely have never tried before.
19:30 Walking trail to Folidi Estate
Experience the walking trail network of Agiasos!
You can find out more information at www.lesvosfoodfest.com

Bellow you can find out more about the herbs that will be used in our recipies

Mrs Eleni Maloupa, Agriculturalist and Dr. of Biology & Physiology of Plants has specifically chosen the bellow herbs to be used in the recipes made order to highlight the unique flora of Agiasos and their historic significance.


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