16th Festival of Chestnut

4 November 2019 Agiasos 0 Reviews

From 10 in the morning, traditional fires and cauldrons will be lit in the center of the village for the baking and roasting of chestnuts which will be offered to guests free of charge along with various drinks (ouzo, wine, soft drinks).

From 10:30 am to 14:30 pm the Folklore Museum of Agiasos of “Anagnostirio” of Agiasos and the Carnival Museum will open their doors for the public. An exhibition of 14 paintings by ETAL SA will be held in the courtyard of the Panagia of Agiasos on the theme “Insularity – Studying in one place”. An exhibition of paintings by the Agiasos Primary School (photos, drawings, constructions on chestnut) will open at the Foyer of Agiasos “Anangostirio”. The Zither players and the Bouzouki players of the “Anagnostirio” will welcome visitors to the town (at the Municipal Park) playing traditional Lesbian and Asia Minor dances, which will be danced by Middle and High school students.

At 12 pm in Kaboudi the Akrites of the Aegean will present a rich dance program with folk and traditional dances.

From 11am – 12pm the Greek Guiding Association (SEO) will conduct a workshop for children (constructions out of chestnut) at the Town Hall.

At 11:30 am walk to the Chestnut forest will start from the Town Hall Square which will be open to anyone. Another walk is planned by the Hiking Association of Lesvos on the occasion of the Festival. At the same time, the KRITIKOS TRAVEL tourist agency will be providing transportation with a van – per one hour – to the Chestnut forest. The van will start from Agiasos Fire Station and return to the starting point to pick up other travelers. It will stop at Kaboudi, Stavri and the Sanatorium for those who want to walk from there to Agiasos.

Donkeys will also be recruited which will transport those who wish from the Sanatorium to the farm! At the same place, the three-hour hiking tour organized by Lesvos Ride and the Public Institute of Vocational Training in Mytilene will also end. The farm will be open to hikers from 11am to 3pm. On the occasion of the Festival of Chestnut, the Turkish travel agencies MEIS TOURIZM and JALEM TOUR are organizing two day trips on the weekend 2 and 3/11/2019 from Ayvalık to Lesvos.

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